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Solo Practice - Richmond, Virginia

"In Our Own Words"

Family Intervention Center of Virginia
Bill Maher

What Makes Us Different and Special:

"Primarily utilize an invitational model. "Preferred Interventionist" for Betty Ford Center."

What Advice Would You Give to Prospective Clients:

"Feel very comfortable with the interventionist you hire."

Overview of Practice:

"Trained in facilitating various models of intervention. Experience: Facilitated over 2000 interventions, extensively trained over past 16 years."

What Special Training Does the Staff Have:

"Crisis, Motivational Interviewing, extensive Systems (Family) training."
Affliated with a treatment facility or program: No

  • Geographic Availability:

    Local Yes
    Regional (US) Yes
    International Yes

  • Types of Interventions Facilitated:

    Crisis Yes
    Family Yes
    Executive/Workplace Yes

  • Addictions and self-destructive behaviors worked with:

  • Alcohol
  • BiPolar Depression
  • Eating Disorders
  • Other Drugs

  • STAFF:

    Number of people on staff: 4
    Qualifications: CADC, ACI
    Accreditations: Association of Interventionist Specialists (AIS)


    Cost for Intervention: $2500 to $6500
    Travel expenses included: No
    If NO, how is cost calculated: Airfare, Rental Car, Accommodations
    Arrangement possible for insurance coverage: No

  • Contact Information:
    General Telephone Number: (804) 539-7450
    24 Hour HOTLINE: None
    Address: 2405 West Main Street
    Richmond, Virginia 23220
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